Julie and a very congested Ben discuss the finale of Island of the Idols. Topics include the winner of the season, Kelee's conversation at the reunion episode and a full ranking of all the castaways.

Ben and Julie talk about the second to last episode of the season. Topics include the idol hunt, Elaine's speech and the first player ever removed from Survivor for poor conduct.

We talk about Dan and his removal until 12:10

Ben and Julie return after the unfortunate loss of last week's audio to talk more Survivor. Topics include the family visit, Dean's weird move at Tribal Council and scenarios for the remaining contestants to win the game.

Ben and Julie talk about Survivor again. Topics include the double vote, the strange challenge and whether or not there are any players that we actually like left

Ben and Julie talk about a very rough double-length episode of Survivor. Topics include the merge scramble and the first immunity challenge, but we mostly talked about the controversy surrounding Dan's behavior. We talk about that from 25:07-56:10 if you are just interested in that or want to avoid conversations surrounding sexual harassment.

Ben and Julie talk about another week of Survivor. Topics include whether or not Kelee made a good move, the first rejection at the Island of the Idols and the upcoming merge

Ben and Julie are here to talk about what might just be the best episode of the season so far. Topics include whether it was time to flip, the different advantages of Island of the Idols and the conversation about race between Jack and Jamal

Ben is joined by new host Molly Weir to talk about some movies. This week, Molly runs through some horror classics and tries to convince Ben to actually watch a horror movie. 

Want to catch up on last year's episodes? Check them out here: https://speakeasycinema.podbean.com/

Ben and Julie are back once again to talk Survivor. Topics include the tribe swap, the lack of island of the idols this week and how tired we are of Karishma

Ben and Julie continue to talk about Island of the Idols. Topics include Noura's antics, whether or not the right person was voted out and the looming tribe swap.

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